7 thoughts on “To Charleston, SC”

  1. Brrr! Thought you were going south for the warmth!
    Beautiful pictures. Glad you had a chance to just hang out in Charleston.


  2. You’ve made a lot of progress in a week. I love the pictures and videos. Thanks for ‘including’ me in your travels! Any surprises yet? Things you didn’t expect?


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  3. Hello from LMS and “your” 7th graders! Last week, before these Charleston pix came in, the team got together and read all your blogs so far. The kids had lots of questions, and here are a sampling:
    Renee: What are some strategies you use to keep warm?
    Hayden and Alia: What wildlife have you seen so far?
    Katelyn: How many other locks to you expect to go through? (They were fascinated with the concept!)
    Hawa: What do you guys do in your spare time?
    Zebia and Ryan V.: What do you eat while on board?
    Marcus: Why are you going south instead of out?
    Eithan: What if a hurricane comes while you are out at sea?
    Sarah H: Will the ocean water turn to ice? (Oops–we need a science lesson!)
    Andrew: How does winter impact your sailing?
    Ben: Since you’ve sold your house and car, what will you do when you get back?
    Colby: Are you fishing from the boat?
    Bella: Have you been in a severe storm since we last heard from you?
    Chantel: How often have you talked to your family? What is the best part of the trip so far?
    Ryan V.: How do you wash clothes?
    We’ll watch for your responses, Zeke. Our map came in today, so we will be hanging it and tracking your route. We hope you have a nice Thanksgiving at sea–canned turkey?! Safe sailing! ~Team Rock!


  4. Hi Zeke. I am checking in on you. Sitting with Robert and Enid having cocktails and discussing Ferguson. I hope to see you when you are back.in.Maine. James


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