Arrived in Galapagos

We made it — just before dark. Anchored in Baquerizo Moreno and made a grand dinner. We deal with the customs/immigrations authorities in the morning.

Five and a half days is excellent time; we were lucky with the wind — we motored just one night, and we had no squalls. Relative to other boats we made better time than the boats that left Panama before us. But two boats that left the same day we did arrived about six hours before us. We think they motored a lot, but we don’t really know… I like that they, more than we, are looked at as the fast boats, setting an expectation that they will arrive first on future legs.

We had our first Galapagos wildlife(?) experience already, as we were relaxing in the cockpit waiting for dinner to cook. Tim heard a sound behind him, and turned around to find himself face to face with a sea lion! Apparently the sea lion had climbed up our transom steps and boarded without asking permission.

It’s hard to believe we are in the Galapagos. The actual experience so far does not match the romantic notions. We’re in a relatively busy harbor with too many lights and too much noisy nighttime activity. But to think we are in the Pacific Ocean, that we have crossed the equator, and we are now in the fabled islands of incredible animals and Darwin’s inspiration — wow!

4 thoughts on “Arrived in Galapagos”

  1. Zeke, I’ve been very interested in your BPO experience from the start, however, since you made passage through the canal and this first leg in the pacific, my interest has ramped up to “gripping” stage. To say that I think you trip is very cool is inappropriately understated. You guys are killing it. Can’t wait to follow your progress. Jim Day


  2. Zeke,
    12 years ago my family did a big trip on a catamaran in the Galapagos for a week – it was amazing! And Robert and I also had a sea lion appear outside the door of our cabin one morning – it was fantastic and scared the crap out of him when he discovered the guy! We also saw a mother give birth to a baby sea lion on one of the smaller islands. I think it’s a wonderful omen for the adventure! Thanks for the great posts and safe travels. xo Victoria


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