Last Day in Baquerizo Moreno – Galapagos

With an entire week at anchor in one harbor, and nearly unchanging weather, the days blend one with the next. But there is a pattern to my experience over time. At first I’m anxiously trying to get oriented, and to quickly choose a first tour (I don’t like to wait and hear everyone else’s stories that begin, “You HAVE to do/go/see…”). Next comes figuring out what else I really do “have to” do (Kicker Rock), and doing it. By then I feel that I’ve had enough of the place, and I wish we were moving on. But it’s not time to go yet. And then I find that I actually settle in. I now know my way around; there is nothing more that I feel the need to do; the people are friendly; the pace is slow and I’m just now starting to match it; I can have a day like today…

Today was our last full day in Baquerizo Moreno, and it was delightful. Relaxed. Many welcome clouds keeping it cool. I went to a travel agent that I had consulted with yesterday, and booked an overnight side-trip/getaway to the island of Isabela (from Santa Cruz – tomorrow’s destination), where I hope to see Galapagos penguins. Then walked to a nice swimming place and had a cool swim/snorkel. Nothing special (no charge!) – just a pleasant swim with the fish and sea lions and pelicans, and chats with several people from far corners of the world who came by. Walked back via the beach – took more photos of iguanas. Went with Pip (Ransom crew) to a cevicheria for a huge bowl of delicious ceviche for lunch. Hung out at the usual cruiser’s ice cream place (one of the few places with wi-fi), and uploaded some photos for the blog. Then walked to the travel agent to pick up my tickets/voucher. Back to the boat in the late afternoon and, after a quick dip and all-important fresh water rinse, enjoyed a peaceful evening, sitting in the cockpit chatting with Tim and watching the sunset.

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