Home is Where the Anchor is…?

Been thinking lots more about the alternatives after Australia. Still have two major unknowns: is Tim rejoining, and how does Bob work out as crew. But the aspect under my control is how I feel about traveling at BPO speed versus hurrying back…home(?). I’ve realized that the feeling of “home” is a big factor. Looking at other boats/crews, in most cases there is a married couple (perhaps with additional crew), and in many cases they have sold or at least rented their house ashore. Their boat is their home.

For me the boat has been a vehicle for making a voyage. But at times I can see it differently. Especially with Tim away, and Hallie here, I can perceive the boat as my home. And when I do, I find that I’m in no rush to be moving. If I’m already at home, why be in a rush to be elsewhere? With this state of mind I can imagine being content with the BPO schedule. So I’m “practicing” being home aboard. And it’s working pretty well. The fact that Hallie is here might be a huge temporary assist, but nevertheless it seems like something that can be practiced/intentional. So I’ll keep with it, and we’ll see how I fare after Bora Bora…

Photo of us provided by S/V Libby
Photo of us provided by S/V Libby

2 thoughts on “Home is Where the Anchor is…?”

  1. what a beauty of a photo Zeke! i like this pondering about ‘home’ – there are many ways to view it for sure. I would think with Hallie there, that the feeling of home would be alot easier to conjure… in my own travelings I’ve found that I love to travel, but I still have my heart in Colorado where i love others/people love me. My project continues to be noticing how much i need of each. Right now I’m really happy to be home after 6 months but that bug to see more of the world will return, most definately when the snow starts to fly! best with your ponderings and keep sharing what you discover. love to you and Hallie, V. ps how long will she be staying?


  2. Whenever I go travelling, I have to put time and effort into the three “L”s: let them go, look around, and look after yourself. I’m so used to being Mom at Home, I have to really practice being on my own, in unfamiliar places, with nobody to care for but myself.


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