What a Year!

Jesse and I made it home, of course. We were sight-seers in Singapore for three days…walked around the spectacular downtown…took in some of the ASEAN Para Games…ate some interesting food. Food was a big part of getting home. I ate pretty much constantly for the first week. I weighed myself for the first time in a year — I’ve lost 25 pounds!

It has been a year to remember for me! A year ago we were uncertain when (if?) we would be able to depart Key West. We started late, but caught the other Blue Planet Odyssey boats in the San Blas Islands…huts on stilts…dugout canoes…dinner at Nestor’s house. The multitude of ships as we approached the Panama Canal…touring the new canal under construction…transiting the Canal. The Galápagos…Kicker Rock…sea lions…tortoises…iguanas…penguins. Three thousand miles at sea to the Marquesas…awesome terrain…awesome culture…dances and drumming…my tattoo…manta rays. The Tuamotus…atolls…treacherous currents and passes…fabulous snorkeling. Tahiti and the Society Islands…with Hallie…anchoring between the coral and the mountains…enjoying the company of other boats, and learning that several would not be continuing. Niue…Tonga…Wallis…Tuvalu…joining Doina…meeting the Prime Minister…seeking climate justice and bananas. Our encounter with the tropical depression en route to Vanuatu…near naked men dancing…chiefs going for the next higher rank…kava. Australia…the Northern Territories…with Hallie and Jesse…rock art…crocodiles…many boat repairs. And then the amazing two months through Indonesia…welcoming people…wonderful guides…great food…dragons and orangutans…the volcano and the pirates (not)…Bali…dinner at Abdullah’s house…the solar powered desalination system that wasn’t working, that still irks me!

Thanks for joining me on the adventure, through this blog. Thanks for your many comments, whether posted here or passed to me directly. More to come in 2016 — Happy New Year!

Photo by Bill Worthington
Photo by Bill Worthington

16 thoughts on “What a Year!”

  1. Happy New Year to you and family and crew! Thanks for keeping us posted. Will be watching for your next installments in 2016. What a ride and congratulations!


  2. And thanks for sharing – I wasn’t commenting much, but I have read every blog – not only very interesting content, but you are an excellent writer.

    Enjoy the New Year.



  3. Yay, Zeke!! And Jesse (your Indonesian explored buddy) and Hallie – your on land (and occasional at sea) crew! I echo the sentiments of really enjoying your writing and photos. I think you have a book in the making. I’ve also enjoyed engaging with you about the climate crisis and what we can do about it. Hope to see you once more before you depart in February. Happy New Year! Love and hugs!


  4. Thank you for the look over your shoulder as you made each passage and attended each local feast. This was a very special year and may 2016 exceed all your expectations.


  5. You certainly express the look of a man who is a very happy camper (er, sailor…) in this photo. As many others have expressed, in the retelling of your adventures and encounters, some of which you are probably still absorbing, you were able to truly bring us along with you on lots them. I have certainly learned a great deal from your experiences by your absorbing writings, along with the pictures that accompanied each blog. What a gift is it that you have been willing and able to share so much of this journey with us! Needless to say, I will be staying tuned for the next installments! In the meantime, I trust you are fattening up (not that you had much to lose) and finding some time for R&R — all while in the midst of the holidays…


  6. Zeke to say that your trip was an inspiration is not doing it justice! Your courage, stamina, humor and curiosity at times left me speechless and tearful. Your writing is excellent as is your photography! Welcome home! Happy New Year! And I can’t wait to hear about the next adventure! Ahoy!!
    Much love xoxoxo


  7. Hey Zeke, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your posts and look forward to more when you’re back aboard. Enjoy your time at home and happy New Year to you, Hallie and Jesse. Betty


  8. ‘wELCOME HOME’ may you & family have abundance of all that brings you joy in 20016! Thanks
    for allowing us all to be a part of the adventure!


  9. Thank You Zeke for sharing your ” Year to remember” with Blue Planet Odyssey ~ on No Regrets, sailing around the world! Your slide show and presentation was so amazing! Thank You for sharing your adventure at Two-Echo Co-Housing tonight! I’m sure you have made a difference on the lives you have touched! Best of Luck on your journey and smooth sailing!! Mary Benner


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