Now Comes the Book!

Announcing the long-awaited (by me, at least) publication of the book that began with this blog: A Satisfying Sail Around the World! Sure, if you’ve followed the blog you already know how it turns out 🙂 but it is still a good story, especially with the addition of bits that I wasn’t willing to write about at the time.

With the book comes a new website This blog is done, I think. Please check out the new site…consider buying a copy of the book…write a positive review (if you enjoy the book; otherwise pass the book on to someone else who might!)…leave comments and/or contact me via the website…follow the new blog there.

I’ll end this blog with a final thought. Our Earth is not very big. You can have a satisfying sail right around it in just a year or two.  Aboard this small Earth ship is a crew of nearly eight billion humans. That’s a big crew, and it’s going to take a lot of cooperation to have a happy cruise into a shared future. We are the explorers — no chart, no book by Jimmy Cornell telling us what to expect along the way, no Rally with the support of other inhabited planets. Regardless of political boundaries, of language differences, of cultural differences, we are all “in the same boat.” Climate change makes this apparent. It’s time we started thinking like a crew…One Planet…One Future…

Fair winds,

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11 thoughts on “Now Comes the Book!”

  1. Hi, Zeke,

    I loved reading your posts from your fabulous voyage, and I am so happy that you published your chronicle. You have inspired many to live their dreams and be more vigilant about our planet in spite of the current obstacles!

    Greetings from the Cape to you and your family!




  2. Fabulous, Zeke! I know the book will be a success! I look forward to reading it!
    I love and appreciate your commentary on our small planet. You’ve always been a humble visionary…
    xox Cindy


  3. So excited that the book is done and dusted!  It will be fun to read it all-of-a-piece this time. 

    Looking forward to a great read! Love, Kit


  4. My first and only comment on the blog. It was a great ride. Thanks for being the skipper. I love your final thoughts and couldn’t agree more.

    “…especially with the addition of bits that I wasn’t willing to write about at the time.” Now I’m really going to have to read it.



  5. Congratulations, Zeke! I will, of course, want an AutOgrapHED copy of the book.

    Quite an accomplishment! So exciting! And I love your final thought. So very Zeke.


    Sent from my iPad



  6. …. and the part of Zeke Holland will be played by Ted Danson when ‘A Satisfying Sail’ the movie, comes out!!


  7. I would like two books, one for me and one for your Alma Mater here in beautiful Bucks County.


  8. Hit The Nail on the head Zeke. I share your observations. Look forward to reading the book 👍😁. Rob Lynn


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