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Many of you have taken a look at the new website, but I think few realize that there is a blog there, and I just might have more to say that you’d like to read. I just posted an excellent essay by Liam, who crewed aboard No Regrets from Mauritius to Brazil. Please take a look at the new blog here. If you scroll to the bottom there is a button on the right to “Follow” the blog — this will get you email notifications when new content is posted.

(For those who have ordered a copy of the book, I’m very sorry for the delay getting them from the printer. Don’t give up hope! And for those who bought a copy from Amazon, if you can bring yourself to say something positive about it please write a review!)


2 thoughts on “The New Blog”

  1. I have just finished Zeke’s book. I really enjoyed reading this thoughtful, well written book of his far ranging and fascinating trip. Having been a regular reader of the blog as he sailed around the world I found it a pleasure to re-read his adventures and experiences as history. When blogging neither he nor we as readers knew what was going to happen next or what his evolving thoughts would be from day to day. Now he has digested his two years aboard No Regrets, and he provides an insightful look at the worlds he encountered — not a tourist brochure view nor that of a scientist. We read it from the perspective of someone willing to see beyond the preconceived or the obvious or the cliched. He writes clearly about what he experienced of the people and cultures he encountered, as well as living aboard with a changing crew as the odyssey progressed. A more than satisfying voyage for the reader!


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