Misfortune or Extreme Preparation…?

An abdominal pain didn’t go away, and I arrived in the emergency department about the same time that my appendix perforated. A couple hours later it was gone, and I’m working on getting back up to speed. One can’t help but ask, “What if it had happened at sea…?” Recovering from surgery is no fun, but this one does have a silver lining. Preparation carried to the extreme…?

While in my hospital bed on narcotics I had vivid dreams of being visited by individuals embodying Good and Evil. In my altered state I was acutely aware of the enormity of the pain in the world, and of the heroic people who bear witness and offer compassion. In my little way, in my limited capacity, I choose to stand with them — on the side of Good and peace and compassion. I don’t know if this experience changes anything. Perhaps it is a reminder that as long as I still have a working body, I have choices to make, big and small, and to choose like they make a difference.

New Jersey

They made it to New Jersey.  In fact, they had a couple of spectacular sailing days, zipping through Long Island Sound.  Yes, they had engine problems, but it turned out to be due to a connection left loose by the mechanic, and they figured this out and corrected it on their own.  Collectively, we’re learning some of what we’re going to need to know going forward.

Tim is now living aboard, so he gets the bulk of the to-do list for the coming weeks.  Bill and I will join him at the start of November, when we embark for Florida and the start of the Blue Planet Odyssey, 125 days away.