New Jersey

They made it to New Jersey.  In fact, they had a couple of spectacular sailing days, zipping through Long Island Sound.  Yes, they had engine problems, but it turned out to be due to a connection left loose by the mechanic, and they figured this out and corrected it on their own.  Collectively, we’re learning some of what we’re going to need to know going forward.

Tim is now living aboard, so he gets the bulk of the to-do list for the coming weeks.  Bill and I will join him at the start of November, when we embark for Florida and the start of the Blue Planet Odyssey, 125 days away.

2 thoughts on “New Jersey”

    1. Hi Jason–
      The plan is to go down the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), and thus we will be stopping many places along the way. If we get tired of motoring (mostly) through narrow channels (mostly) along the ICW, we might head out to sea for part of the way. TBD. –Zeke


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