ZekeTheSailor is a blog about sailing around the world aboard the 42′ catamaran “No Regrets” — in partnership with about a dozen other boats in a rally called the Blue Planet Odyssey.  The Blue Planet Odyssey (www.blueplanetodyssey.com) calls attention to issues around climate change and the health of our oceans (or as I like to say, our “One Ocean”).

July, 2018, update: This blog is complete, and now there is a book about the voyage. More info (and a new blog) at www.satisfyingsail.com.


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Glad to join this blog, very interesting read. Perhaps we’ll cross paths. It is always about those 5 degrees of separation.


  2. Hopefully your return state side is uneventful. I work with Steve McKenna, he’s told me about your journeys. I’ve sailed before although not extensively. Assuming you have place, I would love to join your crew in one of your legs…May the wind be at your back!


  3. Thanks for sharing your adventure. I was with you (in my admittedly easy way, at my desk, drinking a fresh cup of coffee) all the way. I took a little of your tenacity, enthusiasm, and sense of wonder and try to apply it to my days. What an adventure!


  4. Hello Zeke,
    Are you Zeke Holland?
    Who had a South African Sailboat called Ace of Hearts in the 80’s?
    Best regards,


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