Letting Go

Hallie and I used to live in a cohousing community, where we built a house and did most of our child-rearing — a beautiful place and delightful people (www.two-echo.org). And I had a boat-building project in the basement. When we moved out 3+ years ago, I decided to keep building the boat (ever so slowly) in the basement, while we rented out the rest of the house. But when the round-the-world plan took hold, the house needed to be sold and I needed to start letting go.

My boatbuilding project went to long term storage in a barn. The house I had designed, that I loved, was passed to a new owner. My ties with the community receded. Then two months ago our beloved cat Edward didn’t come home, and a search turned up his remains in the woods. Then I sold my old boat, that my father and I had purchased jointly a few years before he died. Last weekend I sold my car, which had served me unfailingly for four years of zipping between my home in Maine and my office in Massachusetts. And yesterday was one of the biggest “letting go” events — turning in my laptop, surrendering my business email address, cleaning out my office, saying goodbye to my coworkers and walking away from my job (and my income!) that has been an all-important aspect of my life for the past 28+ years.

It’s a lot of changes. I want to curl up into a ball and just try to breathe for a couple days. But no time for that. I have a day and a half to pack, and organize as best I can what I’m leaving behind, before Hallie drives me to the boat. And that’s the easy part. The hard part is there is more letting go to be done. It’s time to let go of the comforts of home. Sitting on the sofa watching a favorite TV show, eating dinner that is easily prepared in a kitchen that isn’t moving, with fresh food readily available a few minutes away… Nearly unlimited hot water for a shower anytime. Gathering with friends. Meeting with my mens team. Being with Hallie.  Sleeping with no worries about the wind shifting and the anchor dragging. Yikes, is it too late to turn back!?

Onward. No regrets.

5 thoughts on “Letting Go”

  1. Zeke I know just how you feel. (Except you’re getting a much bigger dose of change than I attempted!) For the first few days after I retired, I felt like I was on a suspension bridge – caught between 2 worlds. I didn’t think I wanted to turn back, but going forward was filled with a bit of anxiety! My advice to friends who are retiring is – ‘plan to take a trip soon after you retire. That will change your routine so you won’t be thinking about work’. Well, you’ve done that in spades!! Once you’re on the boat, most of what you’re leaving (not the family!) will seem like a distant memory…what an amazing journey you’re embarking on!


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  3. Hi Zeke-r … It is fun to read your blog. Hard to believe you are at last “underway”. I am excited for your journey and proud to know you. There is so much growth possible when we step outside of our comfort zone, and hopefully, in our “60’s” we are bringing all this great life experience and wisdom to bear on our current adventures (hah!). I still have not figured out my sail-around-the-world-equivalent – but when I do, you will be one of the first to know! Sending love.

    Safe journery~ Meg


  4. Safe sailing, Zeke! Team Rock! will be following and communicating. We have a new Apple TV and 70″ screen ready to view all your pictures and to Facetime with you. Bon voyage, friend!


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