SC to FL

I thoroughly enjoyed our relatively long stay in Charleston.  I could even imagine living there.

Bill’s daughter Nora joined us.


We left at dawn in the rain, and headed down the ICW. One engine overheated. Tim determined that the belt for the cooling water system was loose. He tried to tighten it (it’s very difficult to access, especially when the engine is hot), but it still overheated. No problem, we only need one engine for tootling along the ICW. Then the second engine overheated, and we had an emergency anchoring drill (in the rain, and strong wind, and strong current).

We checked the filters on the cooling system, and found they were full of gunk. In retrospect, that’s not surprising, since the place we stayed in Charleston was so shallow that our props stirred up lots of muck. After cleaning them, things have worked. Except when we tried to get the anchor back up we got the rope jammed in the windlass.

We went through some fascinating creeks (up one, through a cut, down the next, current first with us, then against us).  Without GPS and a good chart, one could go in circles here!


We decided to anchor mid-afternoon in a middle-of-nowhere creek. The wind and rain came up hard just as we got in.  Everything on the boat was wet.  But in spite of the problems, I was happy to be moving again.  It even occurred to me while we were dealing with our issues that it was kind of funny that I was enjoying it all!


Next stop: Beaufort, SC, at a delightful marina across the bridge from downtown.  Showers.  Laundry (more importantly a dryer).  More wicked good food.  Fun walking around town.


We need to move on in the morning. Stocked up with treats from the bakery, and headed out once again in the rain. Though it was calm as we motored down the Beaufort River, strong northerlies were predicted, so we decided to head offshore and reel off some miles. Indeed, last night was challenging, with rain squalls and gusts up to 40 knots, and sustained winds of 30. Occasional bone-jarring crashes of waves against the side of the boat.

Selfie after a tough night
Nora after a tough night

But by noon today we were on a mooring in St Augustine, eating the rest of the treats from the bakery. And the sun is now out and we get to dry our stuff!


I’m excited that we have made it to Florida.  But only a brief visit to town this evening, as we plan to head back outside in the morning to take advantage of the north wind, this time expected to come with sunny skies.  That could make for a happy Thanksgiving, in spite of being away from family and the traditional feast.

9 thoughts on “SC to FL”

  1. Zeke It seems like you’re making great time and have plenty of wiggle room to reach Key West in time to fly home for Christmas. Did you plan for this or are you ahead of schedule ? Thanks so much for the posts…..Clint and I get very excited when we see a new entry!!


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  2. Dry anything can be The Most Important and wonderful thing one can imagine after a spell of wet weather!

    Trust me, while Charleston is a lovely, beautiful city you do not ever want to live there…


  3. I am really enjoying your adventure from my warm and dry home! Keep up the good work and “Hi” to cousin Bill and Nora. Happy Thanksgiving to all


  4. Happy Thanksgiving to Zeke the Sailor and crewmates! Glad you are in the sunshine in St. Augusine. Good sailing Zeke from Rob and Sandy Lynn over in Lake City,FL


  5. Thanks for the great update with videos and pictures of Nora and Bill. Great to see these classic Southern cities. Hope today finds you dry, sunny, and heading into smooth sailing!


  6. Such excitement! The students will love this “peril at sea” story when next we convene to read the blogs and respond. It will probably be at least a week before we can steal the time as a team. No need for a book after all, I guess; you’re a book in the making!


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