Time to Go!

We’ve had more ups and downs. Both engines seem to be running okay. But this morning they were not charging the batteries. An urgent call to the electrician resulted in their working fine when he arrived… Just like taking your car to the mechanic! Then a blockage in a fuel line, but that is something we can track down ourselves. Bottom line…we plan/hope to leave tomorrow.

We borrowed a car today for a major food shopping trip. This afternoon we “stopped work early” to go into town with our fellow BPOers-still-in-Key-West. We checked out the Seafood Festival (artists, rock band, and…seafood), and walked to the sunset pier where the tourists and the street performers mix. It was a fun time, and it felt like the right way to spend the night before departure. A touch of sadness saying goodbye, and hoping we will see them again.

The plan tomorrow is to leave for a “sea trial,” and if all goes well, we won’t return. Instead of not going until we are ready, we’ll try turning things around, and “go unless we have to return.” And do we ever feel ready to go — to complete our escape from the clutches of Key West!

For friends/family wanting to contact me, I won’t be able to receive email at my usual address until we get to a place with WiFi. Most likely that means not until Panama on/about February 10th. We have the ability to send and receive text-only emails via the radio. Hallie knows how to do this, so if you want to contact me, contact her.

I also won’t be able to post my usual blog entries without WiFi. I plan to send short updates to Hallie via the radio, and ask her to post them. Photos will have to wait until Panama.

For those watching the position of the boats on the BPO web site, our position might not show up for a few days, or it might be intermittent, because we may choose not to broadcast where we are initially. Not to worry, it will get straightened out after a few days.

Photo of us with our official BPO number, and photos of 3 “neighbors” on the dock.



image image


15 thoughts on “Time to Go!”

  1. We’re so excited, here at Team Rock!, that you are finally underway! The students were amazed at all the delays and problems to overcome, and I think it has been a great lesson on perseverance! Here are a few more questions and comments from your team:
    *So many problems with your boat–why not just sell it and get a new one?
    *Have any of the other boats had a lot of problems?
    *What kind of weather are you expecting on the 800 mile tour?
    *How far away from you will other boats be at any given time?
    *Did you go through the Bermuda Triangle?
    *What kinds of personal conflicts have you experienced on board? (We have been studying conflict in literature class.)
    *Have you seen any sea animals YET?
    *How old were you when you first went sailing, bought “No Regrets,” and decided to sail around the world?
    *What places do you look forward to visiting most?
    *Is the saying “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight; red sky in morning, sailors take warning” true?
    *I think your blog is great because we can see what you are doing and learn about it.
    *I hope you make it to your destination safely!
    Safe and happy adventuring, Zeke. We’ll keep checking for updates!

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    1. Hi Team Rock! I have sent Zeke thru a special email (via ham radio) all of your questions. Since he doesn’t have access to Wifi he is unable to view his blog or post to it. Once he sends me his responses I will post them. The best part of the blog for me is your questions and comments! I will fly to French Polynesia in May to be with Zeke and his partners for the whole month of May. I will fly into Pape’ete, the capital which is on the island of Tahiti; cruise the Society Islands which includes Tahiti. There are many places Zeke will sail to before they reach French Polynesia! I am giving you a teaser for what is yet to come!


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