Straight to Panama or Scenic Route?

Wednesday, 21 Jan 2015

Today we have no wind (unusual for here). We’re motoring along pleasantly, heading for the western tip of Cuba. We should be there in about 6 hours, and then we have to make a decision — do we head straight from there to Panama, or take the ‘scenic route’?

We’ve been using the satellite tracker to post our position every 4 to 8 hours, so y’all can see where we are on the BPO website. The three boats ahead have 400+ miles to go to San Blas; we have about 800 to go, assuming we go direct. There are 6 additional boats on their way from Martinique; they have distances to go similar to ours. But they will be going downwind, and probably have more wind than us (certainly more wind than we have now!)

One thought on “Straight to Panama or Scenic Route?”

  1. Hi Zeke… It is definitely fun to read your posts. I recall from an email you sent that you would not be at the San Blas ilslands until 2/10 – but it looks like you are there already (from the BPO website). I guess the winds shifted and you made great time! Enjoy the tropics! You may have heard that we got 2 feet of snow in Boston and it is 14 degrees. 🙂


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