Day 2 at Hiva Oa

Liking things much better a day later, even though I spent a large part of the day trying to do a blog post with some video, with no success (yet). The island’s only gas station is a short walk from the dinghy landing, and it has a “mini-mart” with baguettes and cheese and fruit juice and a reasonable selection of canned/dry foods and…….ice cream. Nice. And the place where I got Internet access is the “signal station” out on a point, high in the air, with an extraordinary view of the ocean and the islands and the approach to the harbor. And a picnic bench in the shade. Wonderful place to struggle with slow Internet access. More cleaning of the hulls today; greeting the next boat in (Chapter Two); dropping off our laundry with a woman who will return it clean in two days.

One thought on “Day 2 at Hiva Oa”

  1. Zeke, love your honesty about ‘landing in new places’ – i can relate! it takes me a bit of time to fully be present as there always seems to be things I think i need to get done/control to make it all alright… when really… it is alright… I am alright.

    congrats on going so far around the world already! I just landed in Boston 2 days ago from 5 weeks in hawaii (and 4 months in Thailand) and am still realizing where I am! i love your blogs – you (and your companions are on such an incredible adventure journey! lots of love, V

    ps one of my favorite things about being on the road is having my laundry done for very little money… I am helping to employ a woman in another land and so see it as a win/win for us both. 😉


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