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Thanks to all who have entered comments on this blog! Sometimes I don’t see them for a week or more, when I don’t have an Internet connection. But I read them eventually and I appreciate them. I like getting some feedback and knowing you’re reading my stuff and mostly enjoying it.

Note that today I completed the Marquesas Photos #2 post. It was started over 2 weeks ago but at the time it kept getting errors trying to upload the pix. So the posts came out in an odd order. Hopefully it’s not too confusing.

With the Tahiti photo I’m finally up to date. We arrived today. Hallie joins us tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about that! But we can’t take off to cruise paradise  (where!?) yet, because we have boat chores to do while we’re here in the big city. Hallie says she’s up for anything so she can do boat chores with us — should be fun!

Thanks again to all who have posted comments.

13 thoughts on “Your Comments”

  1. Zeke, your blog is fantastic, a perfect combination of education and entertainment. You’re in a part of the world I know very little about, and it’s all fascinating. Enjoy your visit with Hallie!


  2. I am so enjoying sharing your adventures. Please give hallie a hug for me and cyber hugs to you! Keep those posts coming. I will be your book editor later on!


  3. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure — I read your blog with my morning coffee as I appreciate my view of the Isles of Shoals — amazed that it is the same planet! — Debby — friend of Bill’s — say hi to him — Will & I are hoping to see him in York Harbor eventually . . .


  4. Hi Zeke

    Enjoy your blog immensely and hope you keep the posts coming. It seems you have left the boat-woes behind, and I hope you have.


    (A friend of Brian The Blacksmith)


  5. Zeke,
    I have been following your blog religiously and have been living vicariously through you as I am sure many others have as well. I love the uncommercialized tropics, which it appears you are more or less experiencing.
    I have been very impressed with your writing ability and the pictures are great!
    How long will Hallie be with you? (give her our love) and when, where and for how long will Jesse be with you?
    May your journey continue to be as uneventful (in the bad way) as it has been.



  6. Your pictures are great, but the commentary is even better! I am living vicariously through you! You help us to see it through your eyes. And I am so thrilled that Hallie is able to join you at least for part of your trip. Have a great reunion!


  7. Hi Zeke,
    I have loved reading your blog. I started when you left Maine and have followed thru all your travels. The photos are spectacular. But I’ve especially enjoyed your detail when you are at sea…staring out at a horizon, scanning the stars in the sky, baking bread, fixing things. Although the most recent posts from the Marquesas have been wonderful.

    Hello to Hallie! When you return to New England, we will schedule another CoMed Reunion. Looking forward to more.



  8. What a treat for both of you to get to meet in Tahiti! Best wishes for a wonderful time together.


  9. Team Red Rock enjoys hearing and seeing what you are doing. With the school year coming to a quick end the students will not have the ability to follow for a while. However I plan to and will get them caught up in the fall. In Science our last unit is Global Warming and Human Impacts on the Earth! It is my hope to teach them to be more environmentally friendly and really get a deeper understanding of why you are on this journey. We will be posting questions to you in about 2 weeks.


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