Into the Atlantic!

I knew I would be excited to pass Cape Agulhas and cross the imaginary line between the Indian Ocean and the South Atlantic, but when we actually did it I was “pumped!” The sailing conditions were super. We were flying along at 9 knots with the big spinnaker up. And as we crossed that line we also turned north, back toward the sun and the tropics, for the first time since Sumatra. Yeah! Whales were spouting in the distance, adding flavor.

We had a little ceremony to mark the milestone. Three Ships Scotch was tasted and offered to the sea. One could say that the major ocean milestones of this voyage are the Panama Canal, Thursday Island where we left the Pacific for the Indonesian seas, the Straits of Malacca where we transitioned to the Indian Ocean, and here — transitioning to the South Atlantic and also being our furthest point south of the whole voyage. Making the turn north makes my heart sing, a verse about the warm sailing that lies ahead, a verse about heading towards home.

Liam took this photo of me celebrating off Cape Agulhas. "Triumphant," he labels it.
Liam took this photo of me celebrating off Cape Agulhas. “Triumphant,” he labels it.

8 thoughts on “Into the Atlantic!”

  1. Bravo to all ‘Three Ships’.

    Welcome to the Fairest Cape in all the Circumference of the Globe – Sir Francis Drake – Pirate & Master Mariner. xxx. Garson


  2. So exciting! It was fun watching the position reports and knowing you were under way. Then waiting to hear from you how it went. I’m also relieved to know you’re around the Cape…and heading home.
    Love from your sister,


  3. congrats on your turn north! (altho you’re not exactly smiling in that pic). May the wind be behind you and blow you all safely home. Amazing to remember when you were just starting out – what an adventure! xo V


  4. Your picture gives new meaning to “Whoo-hoo”! Love it. Many adventures still to come, but now you are in the home stretch. All very good.


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