The End!?

Sold the boat! (Pending a survey.)

Yikes! I’m not ready to leave her. I’m not ready to say goodbye to standing watch alone in the middle of the starry night. I’m not ready to let go of my wonderful home. No Regrets does not mean no sadness; I feel deliriously happy and achingly sad at the same time.

Of course it is what I wanted. And I’ll be ready just as soon as I say I am, and let go. And…very important…her new owners Tom and Jane are wonderful people who plan to do a ton of work bringing her back to near-new condition.

John Lombardi (builder) has been tremendously helpful, and the boat is in the right hands for the upcoming refit. Chris Lombardi has been great as the broker.

And what to say about Hallie, who insisted that she come here to work with me on the boat, and without whom I could not have completed the work. She has toiled nonstop for three very long days. But that’s only one star in the Milky Way of her contribution to this voyage. She has supported me every nautical mile, whether in spirit, or handling my financial affairs back home, or flying to join me in Tahiti and Australia and Brazil and the Caribbean and Wanchese. Always there with the love and support. A partner on so many planes! (Get it?)

And…there is a sweet little trimaran parked right next to No Regrets. I wonder if she might be for sale………..

Is this the end of the blog? Time will tell, but I think not. Regardless, this would be a great time for all you readers who haven’t commented (as well as those who have) to post a comment with your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!

A good start on offloading the “boat stuff” to a storage unit.
Leaving things neat and clean aboard.
You never know what you might find hidden behind the gear under a cockpit seat!
John (builder) talks with Tom (buyer) about what can be done to make the boat like-new.
Everybody happy — Zeke, Jane, John, Chris and Tom. Goodbye, No Regrets!
The pretty little trimaran parked right next door, that caught my eye…
Dreaming of more…

33 thoughts on “The End!?”

  1. I have loved being on this journey with you, Zeke. You will always be a sailor, an explorer, no matter where you are. I look forward to the next journey! Love to you and Hallie. See you soon!

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  2. Zeke et al, It must be a very bittersweet moment indeed. It’s somewhat of a bittersweet moment for us blog followers as well. I will miss your travel adventures, philosophical thoughts, photos and, of course, fish stories. It was your descriptions and photos of one of your first stops, The Galapagos, that inspired Judy and I to head out there last year.
    Congrats on completing your round the world journey; but the end of one journey means the beginning of another, whether literally or figuratively.
    If you don’t mind the buzz of an outboard we’ll get you out on the bay and beyond this summer.
    Thanks for the ride. Ken


  3. Such a long, excellent adventure. Bringing this book (this chapter?) to a close is one of such mixed emotions. Not only the many, many experiences and people, but the amazing bonding with No Regrets. She has been your constant, sometimes complaining or needing her version of support, but always there for you. Parting with her is not easy, by any means. I’m so please, though, that the new buyers want to carry her forward into a new waters, spiffed up and with a lot of care. A better future for her you couldn’t ask for. But for you — so many memories, so much responsibility, so much freedom. Hard to let that all go. I deeply thank you for sharing these two years with us. It has been a true pleasure, as well as a way for me to “see” so much of the world in ways I wouldn’t have if you hadn’t made such a commitment to engaging us all in the journey with you. Now on to your next….(after some R&R).


  4. Nooooo!!
    But seriously – congratulations, that happened so quickly so it must be a big relief but I can imagine it will be super sad to see her go, and sad for me to not be able to read about your adventures! Hope to see you in New Zealand sometime. All the best!


  5. I can’t believe it’s over. What an incredible adventure! Can’t thank you enough for sharing it all through your blog! And when it comes to a wife and a boat– you sure know how to pick ’em!


  6. Zeke. It was with great pleasure I joined you on No Regrets. She served you well and got you through thick and thin. You chose well when selecting No Regrets as your partner for the journey. Enjoy the accomplishments and the memories


  7. What an adventure, Zeke! I’ve followed along, at times holding my breath until I reminded myself that whatever you had just faced turned out fine since you were writing about it. Maybe another slide show and talk at Two Echo or the library??? Welcome to your terra firma home and congrats on fulfilling your dream.


  8. Zeke, congratulations on an amazing
    journey completed! And thank you
    for sharing it with your followers. I’ve been entertained, educated, and inspired. Whatever your next chapter brings, may it bring you
    much joy and happiness.


  9. What an unforgettable journey and an exceptionally soulful way to experience the many wonders of the world. I am sure you and your crew enriched the lives of those you encountered as much as they enriched your life. I know I appreaciate you sharing your experiences, good, bad, and the scary with all of us. What a great way to vicariously see different parts of the world. I can only imagine the sadness you must feel upon leaving “No Regrets” your home on the great blue for over two years. I’m sure you will miss the solitude and the sounds of the ocean and winds talking to you, but one good thing will lead to yet another…..coming home to Maine and being with your biggest supporter, companion, soul mate, friend and lover: Hallie. Wow! Kudos to you for your strength and insight throughout Zeke’s journey. You both had your own separate journeys and now onto a new one! Glad you are coming home. Much Love & Light


  10. Congrads on a job well done and a dream lived. With every ending there is a seed of a new beginning. Wishing you joy on the next great dream you will live.


  11. Really? It’s over? I’ll miss reading about your adventures on No Regrets, but I expect there will be new adventures. It’s been wonderful to sail along with you. I’ve learned a lot and my atlas has never before seen so much use! How fortunate to be able to sell No Regrets so quickly. No long goodbyes. Still it’s sad to see her go. I’m glad I got to see her one more time in Beaufort.
    Welcome home!


  12. Zeke, your generosity is what strikes me now. To allow me and others to participate in the trip through your eyes. You took me to places accessible by only a dot on a map and brought them to life with a depth beyond the typical travel blog. Congratulations in your experiencing and completing one of your top lifetime goals. By stepping out and stepping up to pursuing such a goal you have stimulated me to move forward as well. Thank you for your inspiration, the view into the world through your eyes, and most of all for the person you are. Your contribution is immense. I am honored to share this chapter in your life.



  13. Zeke, although I have not followed all of your blog posts, I have read several and it has reminded me of a much earlier time when you hired me to hand paint the name on that very sweet little boat you had in Beverly, MA. I remember the trans-Atlantic cruise Lea and I helped you through as ground crew and meeting later in St Lucia. Most of all I am reminded of your tremendous courage and compassion and your wisdom on how to include others on your life’s journey! Welcome home👏👏👏👏👯🎉🎈👍😎🍾


  14. Such a journey! Have so enjoyed sailing vicariously with you and crew. Welcome home. Hope won’t be too busy around here–guess it will take some time to adjust. All the best,


  15. Zeke,

    Thanks for sharing stories/details about your wonderful, amazing journey! I loved it!

    Hope to see you in person sometime soon.

    Lee Derrick

    Sent from my iPhone


  16. Well, one journey ends and another begins. You have salt water running through your veins. I was incredibly fortunate to experience part of this journey alongside you on such a wonderful boat. Sad to see her go, now another family gets to make great memories and so their journey begins. Here is to you and No Regrets.


  17. As other people have commented, this particular chapter may have ended but another one is about to begin. Galapagos, where we bumped into each other, seems a long time ago but also just like yesterday. What a journey you have had. Good luck Zeke, whatever the next chapter may contain.


  18. OK, just to be contrary, I think this should not be the end of the blog.

    I’ve enjoyed following your journey way too much for you to stop now. I’ve Google-Earthed more places around the globe than I ever imagined, thinking all the while “So the boat is probably moored about here” “They should be right about here by now” “Whoa, that’s a nasty storm I can see on the weather site” and, when you went through the Panama Canal “Holy s***! There’s the boat now!” live. With all due respect for what you are going through, what about me? What am I gonna do now!? I’m gonna wait for the next installment!

    Oh… and thanks for the amazing blog of an amazing journey.


  19. I’ve just learned of your endeavors, Zeke, from photos that Hallie posted on FB. In a sense, I have begun your journey just as you are finishing it; this chapter, anyway. Your story is compelling and your writing is as accessible as it is intelligent. I can’t wait to read more. You’ve earned a rest, no doubt, but there are infinite horizons. Perhaps by the time I finish reading about this tale, you’ll be ready to begin writing about the next one.


  20. My Dear Friend Zeke, I have enjoyed following you on this journey. You I know that the transition to solid land is going to be rough. Can you sleep in a bed that doesn’t rock? The forst trip down 95 is going to scare the snot out of you. Maybe you and Hallie can do a short(er) sail down the coast to the Keys.


  21. Omg! No Regrets is gone? There’s no time to reminisce about your home for the last two and a half years! Thank you for keeping the blog going. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your magnificent yarn. We need another CoMed reunion. Thank you Zeke!


  22. Hi Zeke,
    I’ve gotten lots of vicarious enjoyment from following your adventures. Congratulations on completing an amazing voyage. Welcome home!


  23. Hello Zeke,

    It’s been fun to follow along throughout the voyage and living vicariously.

    I’ve shared the story of your adventure with friends and family. Some of them have heard it several times. I have a sea captain friend in Florida who thinks it was a ridiculous risk. I disagree. Not because I have any direct understanding of the actual risk but because I know it was well worth whatever risk it was. My sea captain friend sees it academically and does not appreciate the beauty and the romance of it.

    My uncle Stan, now in his late 80s, thinks it’s fabulous.

    I am glad that I can say that I know Zeke Holland and have sailed with Zeke Holland. Zeke Holland is a sailing buddy who has just causally sailed around the entire world. Well, maybe not so casually.

    Can’t believe how fast you sold the boat. I can imagine that might be confusing and a little bitter sweet. Still thinking about a trimaran are ya? I go to the website and look at the Hammerhead 54 regularly. God I’d love to retire and have one of those built.

    Hope we can see you and Jesse and Hallie sometime soon and maybe go sailing.


    PS. We should chat about the current Americas cup. Can’t decide if it’s super cool or gone to hell in a handbasket. I’ve managed to get two of the hydraulic engineers at Crown to nose around the websites looking at accumulator technology and controls. They think the Kiwis will clean up because they are pedaling, despite the time it takes to get on the bike and the wind resistance. I think it’s cool that they are pedaling. Makes sense to me. Pedaling their asses off pointed backwards is kinda funny though. It’s not our dad’s America’s cup but I am going to tape it and watch it for sure. Cheers.


  24. Zeke,
    I like so many others have lived vicariously through you and your crew over these past 18-19 months. Though I love my work and expect to continue until I am 80 or so, it is still a nice respite to come in in the morning and read your blog and do a little dreaming. That you have lived your dream and Hallie has been so supportive of it are both great to see.
    It was great fun bumping into you, Bob and Joe in Charleston and I look forward to catching up again at Indian Point this summer.
    Congratulations on selling No Regrets so quickly – a smooth ending to a great adventure.
    Thanks for taking us all on the ride with you. You are a great writer and not a bad photographer.


  25. I read this tearfully… amazing that you sold the boat so quickly, Wow! I do hope that you turn this epic adventure into a book or documentary. I loved the beautiful tribute to Hallie in your comments. Great job, Zeke! I look forward to seeing you guys one of these days!


  26. Thank YOU Zeke for your blog, pictures and “taking all of us with you” on your adventure of a Lifetime. It has been exciting, interesting and FUN for me to follow along. Hope maybe I will see you sometime.


  27. Zeke,
    much mahalo (thanks in hawaiian) to you for 2 years of amazing tales of adventure, good, bad and in between! You’re a great writer and did an amazing job at sharing so specifically your experiences on and off the boat, creating a movie for me to enjoy. I looked forward to every blog and felt privileged to follow you and your rotating crew all the way around the earth!

    and what a stimulating and fun experience to read everyone’s comments! thanks to all for saying what i felt, over and over. clearly you’ve inspired alot of people… and i imagine there will be ripples of that continuing for years to come.

    And what a manifestor you are – want a boat to sail the world? got it! time to let the boat go, done sailing the world (this time)? Got it! i agree with many of your other fans – hard to say goodbye and sometimes the quickest way is the right way. Still, you’ll have years to reminisce and replay it whenever you want to. So many wonderful photos/videos!

    I too started a new journey while you were on yours – letting go of the past and beginning again. Maui is my heaven/home right now – i never would’ve imagined it! (Wanna come over and go sailing?!) you inspired me immensely as you kept sailing into the unknown day after day, month after month. Truly a Grand Adventure! Ever since I’ve known you and Hallie, the 2 of you have set a high bar for living authentically – my gratitude for holding the bar all these years!

    I’ll be in Boston for 6 days at the beginning of June and hope i get a chance to hug that gorgeous bearded face and tell you just how cool a guy you are!!



  28. Congratulations and welcome back! Hope to see you in Waltham sometime.

    At a time when I’m not sure whether the idiots in Washington are more likely to burn or drown the planet, I am grateful to you and Jimmy and the others for doing what you could to raise awareness of the problem.


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