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Day 1 at Hiva Oa

As I’ve learned in the Galapagos, I don’t do very well with first days in new places. It started well, going ashore to meet Luc and Jackie, the BPO reps here. They are wonderful, and they greeted us with baguettes and fruit. Luc drove us into town (maybe three miles) and helped us get through the formalities, which we had been led to believe would be very simple. No; not so simple. It took most of the day, lots of waiting around, lots of money put into a bond that somehow we get back when we leave, all handled in a language that I don’t understand (French). I greatly dislike not speaking the language. Oh well, I just followed Tim and Bill around (they seem to be happy as can be in this delightful place, even though they don’t speak French either). Tim, as always, engaged with everyone. When he couldn’t communicate very well with two ladies who gave us a ride back to the harbor, he sang a song that he knows in French. Went over well.

I felt better by the end of the day, back on the boat. We jumped in the water and scrubbed the hull for an hour or so. It grew quite a “beard” in three weeks at sea. It surprised me that barnacles and green algae would grow that way while we’re moving. I could blame some of it on the Galapagos, but lots of the growth was up the side of the hull, where it was wet only when sailing. Cleaning it is difficult, but it is fun work. Then we had a bottle of French wine, bread, two kinds of cheese, and star fruit. Very nice.

Internet access is marginal here. Frustrating. I have lots of little video clips I’d like to post. Eventually.