Congratulations LMS Students!

Congratulations to “my” Lewiston Middle Schoolers, who graduate this week! Middle school is a long “passage,” and I’m sure there were rough times and smooth sailing…periods of adventure and others of boredom…doldrums and trade winds… Probably you did not write a blog about your time in middle school, but perhaps you should start…or at least keep a journal. Because you get to write your own story. Your life is your story. It doesn’t have to be grand…it doesn’t have to make for exciting TV…it is simply…yours.

I hope you have learned something about the world from me. Our world is not as big as we often think. With a little time you could sail a boat right around it! And everywhere you would find people. They speak different languages, but they all smile the same. Most of them understand that we all share one future — that what happens in the United States affects the people of Tuvalu, and what happens to Tuvaluans will eventually impact Americans. With airplanes and TV and Internet, we are all connected. With climate change, we are all connected.

Although we name the different parts, we have One Ocean, One Planet, One Future. And you have a story to write, with a new chapter beginning in high school. Take pride in your story; have No Regrets!

6 thoughts on “Congratulations LMS Students!”

  1. Well those are quite inspiring words Zeke! For middle schoolers and pretty much all the rest of us. Maybe after you finish your journey you’ll write a book and/or be an inspirational speaker!
    One journey leads to another!!


  2. Great post, Zeke! I do look forward to listening and sharing how this journey has changed you. I’m inspired!


  3. Your comment ‘take pride in your story,& have no regrets’
    I believe would be a great T-shirt! positive & affirming 🙂


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