Rodrigues is a pleasant place. To me it has a Caribbean flavor — people primarily of African descent, pretty laid back, a little crowded in the town but empty in the countryside. Some cafes, an open market, a supermarket, western (French) foods. The crews of 7 boats went to a nice restaurant last night. Of course it is impossible to talk to everyone, but it was still fun to all be together.

Everyone says it is much nicer here than in Mauritius, but we are on a mission and will be leaving for Mauritius (3 days away) this afternoon. We have 30 knot winds right now, but they are predicted to ease by morning, and will probably be overly light by the time we arrive.

This photo is back in Cocos, showing me carrying a case of beer to the ferry from West Island (one local called it Naughty Island) to Home Island.



We helped Chris on Tom Tom work on his broken forestay. Our help consisted largely of relaxing in his cockpit…


…while he worked aloft.


The boats comfortably anchored in the basin…


…all had to leave to make way for a supply ship to dock. Two days later we had to do it again when the ship left.



We took a bus to the eastern end of the island, where the previous set of photos was taken; had lunch at this restaurant. Excellent food, but swarming with flies!


Another day we hired a minibus to take a group around the island. A bungee jump off this bridge was one of the attractions, but it was closed when we got there…


We walked through an amazing cave, though. Half a mile long, 40 meters high at places. Come out through a separate hole than you go in. Obviously utterly dark inside.




Monument and a little park about the slaves that we brought to Rodrigues early on, and the freeing of them, also pretty early on (at least compared to the US).






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