From time to time I’ve mentioned that I have short video clips, and in most cases I’ve been unable to upload them to the blog due to slow internet connections. So now that i have this hiatus at home…and I know everyone is missing my blog posts…this is my chance to post some videos. For those of you who get an email when I post, you’ll want to browse to the web site this time, at And remember you should have an option when viewing a video to expand it to full screen, which I recommend.

I hope you are half as fascinated with dolphins as I am. It is always exciting when they come to visit, and it is amazing how effortlessly they swim, right in front of the boat. (The whistling that you might hear is Tim trying to communicate with them.)

How close do they swim to our bows…?

The dolphins often seem to appear out of nowhere, but sometimes you can watch their approach, and even sense their excitement in coming to check us out… (The banging sound is our watermaker running.)

Okay, I’ll stop with the dolphins. Here’s manta rays in Tonga — a compilation put together by Bill.

Also in Tonga, Bob and I took the dinghy into a cave, and provided some lighthearted commentary…

Some shoreside wildlife, in Australia…

Continuing with the wildlife theme, this one is from Komodo, Indonesia…

River trip from Kumai (Indonesia) into the national park…

…to see orangutans.

A gibbon gets into the action…

That wraps up my wildlife clips. More sailing and dancing to follow.


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