More Videos

The videos in this second batch are mostly taken underway, or in some cases at anchor. For starters, turn up the volume to hear the call to prayer, which we could frequently hear in Indonesian anchorages.

In fact, we would often hear the calls from two or more mosques at once…

Thailand wasn’t my favorite place, because it was too hot. But it had spectacular islands…

Here’s a clip of taking the dinghy up the river at Tabekat Bay…

Photos and video of big wind and waves never convey what it’s like to be there, but of course I have to give it a try anyway. For comparison, I don’t think I have any video of us just sailing along in delightful weather day after day. But here’s one of a relatively peaceful (but breezy) day as we approach the island of Niue in the South Pacific.

Remember when we got caught in a tropical depression when we left Tuvalu for Vanuatu? Well, I do. Here’s a piece of that, with Bob taking advantage of the rain to wash his hair.

To avoid the brunt of the weather, we sailed on a very uncomfortable close reach to get south before turning west, away from the wind. The crew was anxious to make the turn…

Now to our Indian Ocean crossing from Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues, the wind building…

And Tim getting weary of the conditions…

You might want to turn the volume down for this one, unless you want to hear Tim “curse like a sailor” after a wave spills his coffee onto the computer keyboard…

I accidentally switched the video to slow motion at one point, and discovered after the fact that the slo-mo sort of conveys better what it feels like aboard! But unfortunately the slow motion effect is lost when I upload the video to the blog, so you just have to imagine things happening in slow time, seeing every detail, and feeling every lurch and surge. Here’s one last clip:






3 thoughts on “More Videos”

  1. Thanks for the tip, Brian! I really liked all the videos, Zeke…. especially the call to prayer ones… some thing very peaceful about them. Also, the river trips in Indonesia reminded me of the novel I just read “Euphoria” which is based in part on Margaret Mead’s ground-breaking anthropological work in Indonesia in the early part of the 20th century. A good read.


  2. So the “islands” in Thailand look like the “stacks” I see on the upper west coast, in the Pacific on the coasts of Oregon and WA state. Very interesting. Well there’s no way I could go sailing on the open water. Those waves were scary just viewing the videos. Thanks so much for sending them along. I do miss your blog posts.

    Enjoy your time stateside!


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